Russian Limited Liability Companies (OOO) with 100% foreign investment

As of today formation of a Russian Limited Liability Companies (Russian abbreviation is OOO) is regulated by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, by the Federal Law «On the On Limited Liability Companies» № 14-FZ, by the Federal Law «On the State Registration of the Legal Entities and Entrepreneurs» № 129-FZ. According to these legal acts, following persons may act as founders or initial members: physical persons or legal entities, including companies with foreign legal entities and natural persons as members, partnerships and foreign companies or foreign citizens.

Members of the OOO are not responsible for the obligations of the Company and bear the risk of losses, arising from the Company’s activity, within the amount of paid shares. Nominal capital of the OOO is divided into shares. OOO is a complete legal entity, which possesses solitary property, can procure and exercise property and related personal non-property rights in its own name, exercise duties, act as plaintiff and defendant in court, and can also open bank accounts in the territory of RF and abroad.

While forming legal entity in the form of OOO on the territory of Russian Federation a series of factors have to be considered, especially when one of the members and founders is a nonresident natural person and/or is a foreign legal entity.

Ackermann Bellmer law firm has a substantial working experience with nonresidents willing to start and/or continue business in the Russian Federation.

Legal entity (OOO) formation process includes following steps:
1. Preparation of all necessary documents for OOO formation;
2. Submission of a complete set of documents for OOO formation to the Federal Tax Service (FTS) of the Russian Federation (registration authority);
3. Obtainment of formation documents for OOO formation in FTS of Russia;
4. Assignment of codes of RNCEA;
5. Production of a stamp;
6. Registration with non-budgetary funds (SIF and PFRF);
7. Opening of an account in a bank.

• Registration of a OOO and tax registration with the Federal Tax Authority within 5 working days from the moment of provision of a complete set of signed incorporation documents;
• Production of a stamp within 1-2 days;
• Obtainment of RNCEA codes – 1-3 days;
• Registration with non-budgetary funds (SIF and PFRF) within 2-3 days;
• Opening of bank accounts (at client’s option) – 7-14 days depending on a chosen bank.

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