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Our team

All members of Ackermann Bellmer team have higher education and substantial legal and accounting experience. Please contact us by any convenient way (phone/fax/e-mail/Skype) and our experts will be ready to help you.

Olga S. Mikhailova

General Director of

Ackermann Bellmer, OOO

Maxim A. Zgodko

Head of legal practice

Law Office of Zgodko & Partners

Olga V. Solomonova

Deputy CEO of Ackermann Bellmer, OOO, Incorporations of entities abroad

Olga A. Solodchuk

Chief Accountant of

Ackermann Bellmer, OOO

Yana A. Gorbatova

Head of the Legal Department of Ackermann Bellmer LLC

specialist in family law

Ekaterina A. Ulanova

Accountant of 

Ackermann Bellmer, OOO

Daniyar A. Nazirov

Lawyer of Ackermann Bellmer,

OOO Specialist in incorporation and accreditation

Tatyana V. Davshan

Accountant of Ackermann    Bellmer, OOO Specialist in non- commercial organizatios

Evgeniy V. Inguran


Head of Branch No. 156 of the Moscow City Metropolitan Office "Stolichny Sovetnik"

Sergey L. Myiznikov


Head of Branch No. 75 of the Moscow City Council "Stolichny Sovetnik"

Igor R. Khukazov

Attorney-at-law of

Law Office of Zgodko & Partners

Andrey N. Tomilov

Assistant to the Advocate

MGKA "Stolichny Sovetnik", AK "Zgodko and Partners"

Sergei A. Toporkov

Attorney-at-law of

Law Office of Zgodko & Partners

 Nikolay C. Shuvarikov

Lawyer of MGKA "Stolichny Sovetnik",

Branch No. 75

 Grigoriy O. Kisel'iov

Lawyer of the Minsk City Council "Stolichny Sovetnik",

Branch No. 156

 Aleksandr N. Prosvirkin

Candidate of Law, Lawyer of MGKA "Stolichny Sovetnik",

Branch No. 156