Incorporation in Russia

At present formation of Russian LLCs (OOO) is regulated by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and by a series of Federal Laws including “On Limited Liability Companies” «On the State Registration of the Legal Entities and Sole Entrepreneurs »,"On Amendments to the Federal Law to the Law On State Registration of Legal Entities”. All above laws were designed to streamline the entire process of formation of legal entities that existed in previous years and to organize the process of formation in accordance with so-called “single window principle".

The state registration of legal entities is carried out by the Federal Tax Authority of the Russian Federation. This state body has the responsibility for maintaining public register containing information on the establishment, reorganization and liquidation of legal entities. At this moment the most frequently used form of the legal form of a legal entity in Russia is a limited liability company (Russian abbreviation is OOO).

If the foreign company is planning to work on the territory of the Russian Federation, there are two options: to register a new legal entity (LLC with 100% foreign investment), or get accreditation for the branch or representative office.

To carry out the registration (formation) of a legal entity in the Russian Federation alone is very difficult. The errors lead not only to the financial losses, but to delay of the beginning of the business process. It has to be realized that the registration (formation) of the legal entity and/or accreditation of branch / representative office of a foreign company in Moscow should be entrusted to competent professionals.

Ackermann Bellmer law firm has great experience in registration (formation) of legal entities, accreditation of the branch / representative office of a foreign company in Moscow and the Moscow region, and knows all the nuances of the process. We can easily find the solution to all problems, assist in gathering necessary documents, as well as prepare a draft of the Charter or the Regulations on branches / representative offices in the most competent and legally correct way. We will obtain all the necessary documents and certificates from the relevant authorities in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Cooperating with us, you can be sure of the efficiency and legitimacy of company formation or accreditation of branch and/or representative office of a foreign company.

Our support can be a really successful start of your business!

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