Accounting services

One of the business directions of our company is provision of accounting services for legal entities (including Representative offices of foreign companies on the territory of the Russian Federation), both for newly created and for already existing companies on a contractual basis. Such possibility (outsourcing of accounting) is provided by the Order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation 34n “Concerning approval of Regulations on book accounting and reporting in the RF” d.d. 27.07.1998. According to paragraph 7, article 1 of the above mentioned Regulation, head of a company may pass book accounting to specialized organisation or accountant-specialist on a contractual basis (the choice depends on the load of accounting work).

All accounting services are provided by our in-house professional accountants, who cooperate with a Client on a continuous basis during the period of validity of a contract on the provision of accounting services.

We offer following variants of accounting services provision:

1. Setup of accounting records takes place with creation (start-up) or reorganisation of a company, drastic changes of legislation or together with accounting recovery. Aim – to develop and imply optimal scheme of accounting allowing to register primary documents and organize reporting in accordance with by-laws and statutory laws in the most cost-effective way. Result of our work is a set of documents including detailed description of document flow of your company, scheme of reflecting business transactions in accounting records, accounting policies, procedure for the creation of accounting registers and accounting (tax) reports.

2. Accounting records maintenance. Our company undertakes maintenance of accounting records, preparation and delivery of reporting. Thus your company is to take care only of up to date delivery of primary documentation. Aim – full value maintenance of accounting records of your organisation according to the legislation. Result – complete set of primary and final documentation for the taken period of time.

3. Support of accounting records. Our company undertakes functions of accountant-general (including preparation and delivery of reporting), and your organisation is responsible for primary documentation control. Aim – managing accounting record of your company, control over accounting record, consult on current questions, draw up reporting in compliance with legislation. Result - complete set of final documentation for the taken period of time.

4. The verification with tax authorities of proper calculation and payment of taxes. We offer our services of various verifications with tax authorities on calculation and payment of taxes. Verification with tax authorities is obligatory at least once every three years. This procedure is necessary for companies after change in legal address (resulting in changing of a tax authority). Aim – settlement of inconsistency of tax calculation and payment between tax authority and a company. Our experts carry out all necessary actions and calculations, draft and provide all necessary documents for verification. Result of our work – obtainment of a tax authority report on verification and absence of tax liabilities.

Our company provides accounting services in the following way:
We use necessary equipment, software and various expendable supplies in our office. Document flow and communication with our clients is carried out during working day by e-mail or by phone, and once or several times a week hard copies of documents are sent with a courier (hired by your or our company or by your or our in-house courier).

Payment options:
We offer several ways of payment for our services:
• Payment for services, stated in a contract, at a fixed rate. I.e. fixed rate for a particular service: drafting of primary documentation for counterparties; bank transactions; preparation and filing of accounting and tax reports; bookkeeping; personnel record keeping and so on.
• Fixed monthly payment for services, which is calculated according with the amount of operations per month. Monthly payment depends on expected work load.

Calculation of cost of accounting services.

Our company has great experience in settlement of questions and problems with tax authorities. Our lawyers can represent our clients’ interests in negotiations and/or disputes with Tax Authorities and before all other state authorities of the Russian Federation. Professional skills of our accountants and great experience in providing such services allows settling of your problems in the quickest and most effective way. After all in most cases arising problems may be settled out of court.

Contact us by any way convenient for you (phone/fax/e-mail/Skype) and our experts will be glad to help you.