Representation before courts

Our lawyers (legal education, no advocate status) and attorneys (legal education plus advocate status) are always ready to provide judicial defense for you.

For clarity such defense may be divided into three components:
1. assistance in preparation and preparation of procedural documents on all stages of the process;
2. direct court representation;
3. assistance on the stage of execution of court rulings.

Depending on a set problem, our lawyers and attorneys exercise legal opinion of documents, develop legal position, determine strategy of a complex dispute resolution. We will assist you in pre-trial dispute resolution procedure if it’s available. We will draft all forms of production before court, such as court complaints, appeal petitions, appeals on question of law, supervisory appeals. We also draft other documents, which are directly or indirectly connected to the court procedure: claims for interpretation of court decisions, of additional decisions, challenges, address to judge panel and also documents for adoption of interlocutory injunction.

We are always ready to consult you on application of different procedural possibilities and guarantees, such as counterclaim, suspension or adjournment of proceedings, leaving a case without action, termination of proceedings, deferral of fee payment and other. We represent our clients in courts of all instances: assistance during conciliation, appellation, cassation and supervisory appeal, new trial upon discovery of new facts.

We will also provide active assistance on the stage of execution of court rulings.

Contact us by any way convenient for you (phone/fax/e-mail/Skype) and our experts will be glad to help you.